Vigilance Research Group

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 Group Leader

- Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Mathis

 Group Member

- Dr. med. David Schreier, scientific assistant
- Anneke Godeschalk, PhD student
- Dr. sc. nat. Corinne Roth, Somnologist
- Nadja Steiner, study nurse
- Dr. med. Wolfgang Schmitt, MD

Students and technicians

- Cand. med. Mirjam Gottschalk, MD student
- Cand. med. Daniel Gschwend, MD student
- Cand. med. Annelies Santschi, MD Student
- Cand med. Daniel Andres, MD Student


- Claudio Bassetti, Director Dept. of Neurology, University Hospital, Bern
- Peter Achermann, Institute of Pharmacology, Zürich, Switzerland
- Klaus Berger & Andrea Fuchs, Institute of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, Münster, Germany
- Pavel Sonka & Eszter Maurovich, Dept. of Neurology, Prag, Cech Republik
- Mehdi Tafti, University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland
- Matthias Pfäffli, Institute Legal Medicine, Bern, Switzerland
- Uwe Ewert, Bundesamt für Unfallverhütung (bfu), Bern, Switzerland
- Mauro Manconi & Stefany Fulda, Centro del Sonno, Lugano

- Lukas Durrer, green TEG
- Krysztov Kryszczuk, ZHAW

- Andreas Vogt, Dept. of Anesthesiology
- Radhakrishna Rakesh Vasireddy, Dept. of Anestehsiology

Our Projects

1. Automatic detection of microsleeps
A project supported by the Swiss National Foundation together with P.Achermann, Dept. of Pharmacology Zurich aims to detect automatically microsleeps during the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test and in a driving simulator.

2. Heat-flux measurement
In a CTI project in collaboration with GreenTEG Company and with ZHAW we aim to estimate core body temperature from skin measurement of heat flux, validated against an ingested temperature emitting pill.

3. Eyelid based sleepiness detection while driving
We recently finished a CTI project in collaboration with Safe Mine company, where we developed an algorithm to detect sleepiness from video based eyelid behaviour, validated against EEG recordings in the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test and in a driving simulator.

4. Sleep and Vigilance test in central hypersomnia
In a retrospective analysis of our Bern Sleep Database containing > 17’000 sleep and vigilance tests (SVTs) in patients we try to calculate the diagnostiv value in a number of ambiguous diagnostic groups of patients with hypersomnolence.

5. Contact less home based sleep monitor
In collaboration with the Dept. of Anestesiology, we aim to develop a contact less sleep home based recording system using a Doppler ultrasound technique (CASA).